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Fundada en 1994
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Every Lawyer in Our Law Firm have Excellent Reputation and a Great relationship with the Customer's, For us there is no Small or big case all case's are the same Important, We are here to help you in the State of New York.


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  • Mission

    Our mission is to provide each and every client of Our Law Firm with the highest quality representation possible in order to obtain the best result achievable in every case. To achieve this mission, Our Law Firm has dedicated New York criminal defense attorneys and a staff dedicated to defending you, reviewing your case and communicating with you, as our client.

  • Vision;

    Although tremendous legal victories of Our Law Firm, the primary focus remains with Our CEO Attorney original vision to provide “the highest quality Legal Care delivered in an honest, professional manner to enrich the lives or businesses of our clients, Because of this vision, the attorney client relationship at The Lanier Law Firm begins with the initial consultation. Economic, legal and professional relationships.

  • Solution

    Solutions to legal problems cover the entire case, not just courtroom trials. Our stellar track record enables many clients to resolve their legal matters out of court. When trials are necessary, our in-house attorney/psychologist provides unique insight into trial psychology and jury selection. The firm’s appellate team stays one step ahead, preparing clients’ cases for appeal even before an appeal is filed.

Solutions Overview


    If you've been threatened with foreclosure or if you have been served a notice of foreclosure by your lender, a Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer is what you need it may be able to help you Save your home from Foreclosure.


    A short sale is ideal for people who want to avoid foreclosure without having to file for bankruptcy. A short sale will essentially halt the foreclosure process, preventing the lender from suing the homeowner for the money still owed on the home.


    Our attorneys are helping clients with bankruptcy and debt management throughout Long Island. If you have financial troubles due to divorce, separation, the loss of a job, or facing foreclosure, or are considering whether bankruptcy may be the right option for you.

Our Values

INTEGRITY – We lead by example in all we do. We set the highest goals of honesty and ethics. SERVICE – Our work is handled timely and efficiently. EXCELLENCE – Our work reflects our best efforts, never less. TEAMWORK – You are our client. We know that to achieve your business goals, we need to operate as a team. The best results are achieved through this collaboration, For free consultation please cal us 516-362-2000.